Silkroad Production began its production activities in July 2000. Its founders gathered their experience and knowledge in various realms of the film industry, from production to world sales in order to master both the artistic and commercial aspects of production. Silkroad Production's current projects include: Yesim Ustaoglu's Waiting for the Clouds, winner of the Sundance/NHK Filmmakers Award, Kutlug Ataman's Kitchen of Roses and Kambozia Partovi's The Truck…



Setareh Farsi, born in 1969, has a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from Compiegne University of Technology-France. Along with Behrooz Hashemian, Farsi's current projects include: Kitchen of Roses (Kutlug Ataman), The Truck (Kambozia Partovi), Waiting for the Clouds (Yesim Ustaoglu), winner of the Sundance/NHK Filmmakers Award 2003 for best European script.


Behrooz Hashemian, born in 1959, has a BA in Film Production from Hunter College City University, NY-USA. Hashemian produced Journey to the Sun (1999), directed by Yesim Ustaoglu. Journey to the Sun received the Blue Angel Prize at the 1999 Berlin International Film Festival; Best Film, Best Director, Fipresci Prize and the Audience Award at the 1999 Istanbul Film Festival, among others. His other films are Summersalt in the Coffin (1997), by Dervis Zaimoglu and Manhatan by Numbers (1993), directed by Amir Naderi.

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